Picture: Jouni Ihalainen

Picture: Jouni Ihalainen

The Performance

This performance is about our everyday struggles inside our identities. We all have the wish to be seen and accepted. The wish to actually meet another person and not just an identity meeting the identity of another person. Sometimes when meeting an identity, it is possible to get a glimpse of the person behind the identity. It is a fragile, beautiful moment. That moment is life. That moment is a true moment of sharing, of meeting.

The artist, Oskar Rask, is a Cyr wheel acrobat. The performance is in two parts with a small intermission in between.

Duration: approx 65 min with intermission
Performer and author: Oskar Rask
Outside eye: Mirva Mäkinen
Lighting designer: Teo Lanerva
Production: Sirkus Aikamoinen
Supported by: The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation
Premiere: 18th May 2016, Stoa Cultural Centre in Helsinki
Photographs from performance seen on the website: Jouni Ihalainen
Contact and bookings:  Oskar Rask, sirkusaikamoinen@gmail.com



Technical Requirements