Picture: Jouni Ihalainen

Picture: Jouni Ihalainen

Technical Requirements:

Touring personell: Artist Oskar Rask + lighting technician. Or possibly only artist and skilled lighting technician from the venue.

Recommended age: performance is created for adults in mind but suitable for children +7

The first part of the performance is played with a frontal audience. The second part is played with a 360 degree audience in a circle. The circle is built with chairs and cushions (during the intermission) and combined to the frontal audience so that one side of the circle is the frontal audience. - other audience/stage solutions is also possible.

Minimum stage requirements for performance: width 8x depth 8m, height 3m (until objects in the roof). Preferably higher and bigger stage.
The performance can be adapted to other kinds of spaces, also smaller ones. This requires some small changes to the performance. Please don’t hesitate to contact in case of any doubts.

The performance does not contain nudity.

The stage surface should be free from holes and/or other obstructions, and must be swept clean prod to the company’s arrival. Dance mat or other solid floor is required. The floor must be flat and even and not tilted.

Sound: The venue should be quite silent. A lot of the performance is with very low sound. Sound amplification is not needed.

Lights:  An extensive lighting plan will be made in may 2016. The lighting plan will be easy to rig and not require very rare lights.

Rigging: No special rigging points required.

Show is planned as an inside show. The show can be played outside when dark and with proper lighting. The performance requires a calm and secluded space.

For detailed technical requirements including a light plot, technical drawings of the rig stand and a set up time schedule, please contact us.



The Performance