Picture: Minja Kaukoniemi

Picture: Minja Kaukoniemi

Nahkanaama - Technical requirements


Nahkanaama can be performed in a theatre space.
The stage dimensions should be minimum:
Width - 8m
Depth - 8m
Height - 5m free height


The space should be stripped of all curtains, borders and legs including the front and back curtains, except for the top border at the proscenium arch. 
If the walls are not black or some other dark shade, it might be necessary to use curtains 


We prefer black floor without dance mat, but if the floor is not black we need the dance mat. 
The stage surface should be stable and free from splinters, holes, and/ or other obstructions


2 x 2m drum riser on wheels (for example podesty)


2 x 8m black truss for par cans 4 x chain hoist for par trusses 4 x short pipe for sub hangs enough rope / steel for sub hangs

Too much? Don't worry, ask and we find solution.

For detailed technical requirements including a light plot, technical drawings of the rig stand and a set up time schedule, please contact us.