Technical requirements

Sirkus Aikamoinen tours with four artists and one technician. 


The Land of the Happy can be performed in a theater space, circus tent or outdoor venue with audience 180º around the stage. 
The stage dimensions should be minimum: 
 Width - 10 meters 
 Depth - 10 meters 
 Height - 6 meters
The stage surface should be free from splinters, holes and/or other obstructions, and must be 
swept clean prod to the company’s arrival. A black dance floor covering the stage is provided 
by presenter. 
The main set piece of the show is a self standing rig stand. 
The dimensions of the stand are: 
 Width - 8 meters 
 Depth - 5,2 meters 
 Height - 5,9 meters 
Notice: The rig stand weights 1100 kg. The weight is shared to eight legs. The stand is turned on 
wheels 180º during the performance so the stage needs to be straight and stable and the free 
height needs to be min 6 meters. To set up the rig stand the assistance of motorized hoists, chain hoists or a fork lift is needed.


The artists play all the music of the performance live. Normally the music is played acoustically but 
depending of the circumstances at the venue the instruments might need to be amplified. If the 
music is amplified the company requires a professional quality stereo sound system (with full 
range speakers and separate sub-bass speakers) with enough power for the venue in question. 


Light equipment provided by venue: 
6 x Fresnel 2 kW with barn doors 
7 x Fresnel 1 kW with barn doors 
3 x Fresnel 500 W with barn doors and floor stands
4 x ETC 750 W 36 º
1 x 6 channel socapex-box with 20 m cable to be connected to company’s rigging stand. 
All lights are connected to separate channels. See the placement of the lamps and channel list 
from lighting plot attached to rider. Lights hanging over the stage must be rigged and 
connected before starting the set up of the rig stand. 
The lights are operated with company’s light controller (Chamsys PCWing) connected to the 
venue system with DMX. 

If show is played outdoors during daylight, light requirements will change into a lighter version.

Detailed technical requirements

For detailed technical requirements including a light plot, technical drawings of the rig stand and a set up time schedule, please contact us.