Technical Requirements

On tour: 2 artists, Sade Kamppila and Oskar Rask. Duo arrives with their own car. Arrival by plane with 4 pieces of luggage possible if performance area and surface meets specific requirements.

Place: Performance is designed to be played outdoors for an audience situated 270 degrees around the stage of the performers. Indoors performance also possible.

Recommended age of audience: All ages. The performance's theme has a special aim of reaching children 3-9 and old people aged 65+. We are sure everyone between these ages will enjoy the show as well.

Performance area requirements: A flat, even area with maximum 2percent tilt of 5m wide, 6m deep. Free height of 4m (if played indoors a version can be made of free height of 3,5m). Artists arrive with their own circular stage of 3m diameter. A "backstage" area for music equipment and table will be set behind the circuar stage. Audience can be situated on 3 sides around the stage, first row forming a half-circle of 5,5m in diameter. The performers don't provide seating for the audience. 

Weather: Sunny or cloudy, more than +10 degrees celcius temperature. Performance will be cancelled in case of even small rain, snow or hail.

Electricity: Performance needs one access to electricity for the sound equipment

Sound: Artists arrive with their own small sound amplification. If area of performance is especially noisy, additional PA may be needed from organizer. Provided by artist: ukulele, accordeon, loop station, mixer, microphones, 2 micro cube amplifiers, cables for connecting all of this.

Lights: Basic daylight. Performance does not have a light design. If played indoors, a basic light situation covering the whole stage will do.

Rigging: no rigging points required.

Other requirements: access to water

Full dossier with detailed stage plot and specific requirements if duo arrives by plane available on request.


The Perfromance