Picture: Minja Kaukoniemi

Picture: Minja Kaukoniemi

Nahkanaama, i.e. “Leather Face”, is a one-man circus orchestra with a darker-than-dark sense of humour. The show varies from soft flamenco to heavy metal.

Nahkanaama delves into the world behind the leather mask where frustration, fantasy and sexual freedom take over. The performance takes macho culture, heavy metal and contemporary circus all the way to eleven, tongue-in-cheek. 

Forget funny clowns and acrobats, hold on to your leather pants, and enjoy the show!

Duration: 60 min
Performer: Jouni Ruuth
Director: Rauli Kosonen
Planning: Jouni Ruuth, Rauli Kosonen
Composer: Jouni Ruuth, Sami Tammela
Sound design: Sami Tammela
Light design: Teo Lanerva
Costume: Riina Salmi and Team
Production: Sirkus Aikamoinen
Supported by: Kordelin foundation, Art promotion center Finland
Premier: Cultur Center Stoa, Helsinki 30th of August

Photographs from performance seen on the website: Minja Kaukoniemi